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About Hypnosis

Hypnosis itself is a naturally occurring phenomenon and those who experience the hypnotic state find it to be a very relaxing and pleasant experience.  This relaxation makes it easier for the individual to focus inwardly and to talk about emotive issues.  However, to simply bring someone into the hypnotic state and then to bring them out again will not 'cure' or solve anything - it is only the therapy that is done whilst the individual is in the state of relaxation that has any effect.  Hypnosis is simply used to facilitate quicker, more direct and effective therapy.

What does it feel like to be hypnotised?

There is no such thing as a 'hypnotised feeling', the experience varies from person to person,  generally everyone finds it to be a very relaxing, comfortable and pleasant state to be in.  You are always in total control within the hypnotic state, you never, ever lose consciousness.  Commonly the eyes are closed to increase focus and awareness of the self  ,in reality,  you could open your eyes and walk out at any moment you wish, but in reality, because it is so nice to experience relaxation in today's ever more frenetic lifestyles,  most people simply cant be bothered!  Some people find that they remember every word spoken, some don't recall as their conscious mind has drifted elsewhere within their thoughts, either is fine.  The subconscious mind is always alert and listening, however one of the effects of the hypnotic state is that after a while the conscious mind quite naturally begins to wander.  Whilst it is wandering, you may not consciously hear what the therapist is saying but you are fully absorbing it on a subconscious, deep level... and often when prompted you can recall most of a session.  Many people liken the hypnotic state to the moments just before you awaken fully each morning, when your mind is fully alert but your body is still wonderfully relaxed and comfortable. This state each morning is actually known as the hypnopomic state.  Most people also experience a phenomenon or state called waking hypnosis on a daily basis eg; when you drive from one destination to another and upon arrival realise you have been so engrossed in thought, conversation or music that you can't actually remember the process of driving there.  This is because the subconscious has taken over that process in a  form of conditioned response, ensuring that even without mindful attention to the process, you drive there efficiently and safely.

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