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Coherence Therapy

Coherence therapy comes under the family of techniques used for beliefs work.

We use coherence therapy when there is a conflict between a consciously held belief or opinion and a implicit or subconscious belief or value held deep inside the emotional part of the brain - the limbic system.  This conflict of beliefs causes mental disturbance known as cognitive dissonance which may present itself in a myriad of symptoms from alcohol abuse to voice or speech disturbances, grief issues to over eating; and many, many more. 

When this occurs, the individual will be unaware that this is the case but will be experiencing anxiety or stress related to a particular issue.

Through various therapeutic techniques, these subconscious beliefs can be uncovered and updated with new learnings and insights, eliminating the conflict and producing deep, profound change. It is one technique used for memory reconsolidation.  Neuro scientists recently discovered that at the point in time that two conflicting beliefs are revealed, there is a limited period of neuroplasticity during which the old, long-held learned emotional reactions can actually be erased which was previously not thought to be possible.

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