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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't be hypnotised? 

Generally, everyone can be hypnotised who wants to be.  Exceptions may arise where there are severe learning difficulties or for those under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Will I remember anything? 

Yes! You will be fully alert and in control  throughout the session, much of the time you will be required to communicate throughout the session whilst in hypnosis.

Can I be influenced to do anything against my will?

Absolutely not! No-one can be made to do anything against their will under hypnosis at any time. 

How does hypnosis feel? 

There is no such thing as 'a hypnotised feeling', the hypnotic state is simply a state of relaxation and inward focussing of the mind so that it is actually sharper and more alert than in our normal waking state when it is simultaneously processing other information.  Many people describe a feeling of deep relaxation whilst the mind is super focussed and alert

My problem is embarrassing; how will you deal with it? 

There are few problems or issues that haven't already been treated.  All aspects of therapy are handled sensitively and are strictly confidential.

Is Elliott Hypnotherapy right for me? 

Take advantage of our free 30 minute initial consultation- this provides a chance for us to make a thorough assessment of your needs and gives you the chance to meet your therapist personally and ask any questions you may have about therapy before committing to therapy.

What will it cost?

Initial Consultation - free (allow 30 minutes)

60 minute session - £65 

90 minute Session - £75 

Stop Smoking Easily - £165 (allow 2 & 1/2 Hours)

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