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Sexual Issues

Issues and difficulties with our sexual wellbeing are extremely common but can you leave you feeling very alone and embarrassed.  Many sexual problems are easily treated with hypnotherapy or psychotherapy.

For women, the most common difficulties can include anorgasmia, low libido, inhibition, pain on intercourse, vaginisimus (where penetration is impossible), sexual guilt or shame, sexual jealousy, and many more.

For men, the most common problem is erectile dysfunction and where this is deemed to be of a psychological nature, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy can be incredibly helpful. Other common issues faced by men include premature ejaculation, low sex drive, penetration anxiety, sex addiction/ obsession, sexual jealousy and many others not listed here.

As a professional therapist I am at ease with discussing any of the symptoms above or others not listed, there is no need to feel embarrassed.  For many people, just finding the courage to begin talking about the difficulties faced brings them half way to fixing it. 


Sometimes it will be necessary for you to consult your GP prior to commencing therapy to rule out any medical causes.

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