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Confidence Issues & Social Anxiety

Many people suffer from lack of confidence or low self esteem and struggle through without realising how easy it can be to bring about lasting change.  For some it may just be an occasional problem at work when presenting to large numbers of people but for many, the day to day social interaction of life can be daunting and upsetting.  For example many people suffer from excessive blushing, extreme anxiety when meeting new people or find it hard to make new friends.

Improving self confidence with hypnotherapy is fast and effective.  The nature of your particular problem will determine the type of treatment that will give you the most efficient and lasting solution for you - it may require a fast fix for a particular presentation or speech that you have to make, or you may seek a permanent increase in general self esteem and confidence and this can sometimes require a different approach.  Joanne will discuss all the options with you in detail and recommend the course of treatment most suited to your particular needs.

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