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Coaching and Goal Setting

Coaching and goal setting primarily seeks to help an individual find clarity and direction in many different areas of life.

In its various stages it will identify desired well-formed outcomes, ensure they are realistic, achieveable, measureable.  Motivations will be explored, actions broken down and targets set.  Any sticking points or obstacles can be identified and efficient strategies implemented.

Goal setting and coaching is useful in many scenarios such as sports performance management and enhancement, corporate performance and development, weight loss strategising, career changes, and even New Years Resolutions!

It is a client led therapy where the therapist facilitates, clearer, more thorough preparation and execution leading to more efficient and faster results.  A therapist can also where required enable a client to push boundaries and achieve beyond expectation. 


At Elliott hypnotherapy we can also combine cognitive approaches with hypnotherapy which can effectively super-charge motivation, commitment and consequently achievement; making what you thought would be difficult, incredibly easy!

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