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Children and hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be used effectively to treat children from about seven upwards as children are particularly responsive to hypnosis and therapy.  Common problems dealt with are bullying, eneuresis (bed wetting), nail biting, thumb sucking, general anxiety, eating disorders, panic attacks, sleeping difficulties, behavioural problems, self harming and many more.

Special methods of therapy are needed when treating children and analytical therapy as described elsewhere on this site is never used. Wherever possible,  non-intrusive therapy is applied.  Through creative imagery and softer forms of therapy, problems can be relieved and resolved often in just one or two sessions, perhaps with a top up later on.   For all children, regardless of the presenting symptom, confidence, self esteem, courage and many other positive characteristics are enhanced and built upon during their therapy. 

A parent (or parents) is required to be present at all times and is positively encouraged to participate in the session to support the child.  An initial consultation is compulsory although it is common for treatment to commence within the same appointment if hypnotherapy is considered appropriate for the presenting symptom.  Please call for a confidential chat if you have any further questions.

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