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Trauma Resolution

The human mind is not wired to deal with Trauma.  When an individual experiences trauma, something which is totally emotionally overwhelming, it can often cause residual problems as they continue on their journey through life.

Trauma can take many forms; emotional or sexual abuse, sudden loss of a loved one, assault, critical illness, accidents, war, crime, neglect, to name but a few. An individual may have experienced the event personally or simply witnessed it occurring which can also be very traumatic.

Sometimes, trauma can result in unwanted thoughts and feeling or undesired behaviour patterns.  A person may be aware that the issue is directly liked to the trauma, but sometimes, they may not have made the link and so are suffering from symptoms that they do not understand. If the trauma occurred in childhood, they may feel it cant be linked to current feelings and symptoms as it was all so long ago.  (Of course, not all symptoms are trauma related, many are just the result of maladaptive thinking patterns).

Trauma can easily lead to the development of limiting or mistaken beliefs held at an unconscious level and it is for this reason that sometimes, even after some forms of talking therapy, people can continue to experience negative behaviour and emotional symptoms and still feel 'stuck'.  This is because talking therapies largely occur at a conscious, intellectual level and don't always connect to the unresolved emotions involved in these experiences.

If you have experienced something that you are struggling to come to terms with or feel that is still impacting negatively on your life then please do get in touch and we can begin to help you towards resolution and a more comfortable, confident future.

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