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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy, also known as suggestion therapy, is used to quickly and effectively change habits such as nail biting, to prepare individuals for one off events such as exams or speeches, to increase confidence and self esteem, to assist with pain control during childbirth, and to integrate learnings identified through other techniques used within the therapeutic setting deep into the subconscious mind.

This type of therapy is one of the most commonly used with hypnotherapists and is most successful when used on simple habits such as nail biting or stopping smoking. It is also incredibly powerful when making positive changes for example in  boosting self esteem, building motivation and goal setting.  Suggestion therapy can also be used to improve and enhance sports performance or even effectiveness in the workplace.

Suggestion therapy can also be used to integrate new learnings brought about by other techniques to ensure they are stored and acted upon at the deepest level, enabling faster integration of new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving in our day to day lives thereby boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of our therapy sessions.

In a suggestion therapy session, you will be guided into relaxation and into a light hypnotic trance ( you will still be fully alert and in control). Positively worded, carefully constructed suggestions will be given and perhaps visualisation or metaphors may be used.  Any suggestions have to be very carefully crafted and constructed to ensure that they are accepted and absorbed into the subconscious mind and also to ensure there is no ambiguity or negative language.  The subconscious mind will only accept beneficial suggestions and will automatically reject anything it perceives to be a threat to your well being.  The subconscious mind also interprets language very literally (it has no ability to rationalise) so we have to avoid negative language.  For example, if I say to you, do not think of a giraffe, what do you immediately find yourself thinking about? This is because the first image given to you by your internal referencing system is a giraffe, the mind does not hear the negative 'do not'.

Suggestion therapy can be incredibly helpful but because its effects are often only temporary, it is not always the best long term solution.  Sometimes it can last long enough to enable a change of habits to become permanent, eg; giving up smoking or nail biting, or when an event is not a regular occurence, eg flying or public speaking or indeed pain control through childbirth.  Usually only one or two sessions are required but sometimes additional booster sessions may be needed.  Your therapist will discuss best options with you at your initial consultation and assessment.

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