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Beliefs Work

The way that you think, feel and behave ie; your mental health and wellbeing is largely driven by your beliefs and values.  Your mental health and wellbeing can have a significant impact on your physical health.

By learning to manage your beliefs and thinking to strengthen your mental and emotional wellbeing you can effectively manage many psychological and mental health- related conditions.  So many symptoms and problems that people face are made worse by negative beliefs and thinking styles, particularly when they leave an individual feeling down, out of control and helpless.  This therapy can put you back in control of your feelings and consequently your mental wellbeing as well as impacting many related conditions such as...

- Anxiety

- Stress

- Low self esteem or confidence

- Fear and phobias

- Eating disorders (including body dysmorphia)

- Self harm

- Relationship issues

- Sexual issues

- Sleep problems


- Chronic fatigue/ Post- Viral Fatigue/ fibromyalgia

- Coping with illness and pain

- Unexplained infertility

- Job related issues such as interviewing, keeping a job, confidence

- Being happier and just enjoying life more!

These techniques can be useful and easy to learn whatever your age, background or upbringing.  What you believe can have an enormous impact on your life and wellbeing.

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