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Specific Health Concerns

Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy can bring resolution to many health concerns, both physical and mental, of a psychological origin.  However it can also provide invaluable assistance in helping individuals to cope with many physiologically rooted illnesses.


Pain management using hypnotherapy or even simple relaxation techniques can assist people dealing with and coping with long term pain.  It can also be used for pregnancy and childbirth with great success.

Hypnotherapy or simple relaxation techniques can also help to reduce anxiety and stress caused by many medical conditions which can be extremely beneficial as many conditions and symptoms are exacerbated by stress.  It can also help an individual to cope with diagnosis or the prospect of treatment plans by ensuring that negative emotional disturbances are kept to a minimum and helping people to feel more in control again.

If you have a specific health concern that you feel may benefit from therapy, please do get in touch. Please note, some approaches, such as pain management, or therapy linked to certain conditions, will be carried out only after consultation with your medical caregivers.  This will be assessed and discussed fully at the initial consultation.

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